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SBH Seal's liquid spray on roofing membranes has been one of the fastest growing flat roofing systemsin the United States and Canada. Our liquid roofing installations provide a seamless coating fully bonded to various substrates including but not limited to new roofing materials such as concrete, metal and wood sheathing. The coating is sprayed on and cures to form an elastomeric waterproof membrane with advanced rubber like qualities. Unlike TPO, EPDM and Torched Down Membrane roofs the sprayed or rolled on versions of SBH Seal can be installed with minimal staff, equipment and time saving production costs that can be passed on to the customer and allow the roofing contractors to close more deals across a short season.

  • Cold applied directly to surface with minimal prep, at any thickness​

  • Fully adhered to avoid water tracking or water buildup under

  • Monolithic and seamless, can be installed around obstacles with ease

  • Can be applied to complex irregular penetrations without joints

  • 100% VOC free, solvent free, non-hazmat, water-based

  • Highly elastomeric ( > 1,332% ) for concrete crack bridging

  • Highly weather resistant to UV, freeze and thaw, solar oxidation

  • Uses include: roofing, foundations, under-slab, blindside and lagging

  • Excellent chemical resistance properties for containment protection

  • Applied at 4 to 6 times the coating thickness of competing technologies

  • Over 138' (42m) resistance to hydrostatic head water pressure


Three key reasons to use SBH SEAL roof:

- Seamless roof membrane


- Extremely flexible to weather conditions 


- Cost


When it comes to a new Roof Membrane you usually have 2 Options. There is EPDM and TPO. Both are great products but have their limitations when it comes to the life cycle of the membrane giving up to the wear and tear of the seams opening up down the road. Our product being that its aliquid applied membrane that actually emulsifies and turns into a full rubber membrane with higher thickness to EPDM and TPO as well as a much higher Elasticity really gives allows us to offer a greater product. Join our growing list of happy landlords who have tried us. Not only will you have a better solution but we will beat the cost of the other systems by 50%!








For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call us or fill out the following form

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